We’re glad you found us and we think you will be too. Please take time to learn why buying an A/C Folding gate offers the best value for the money. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call our toll-free number (866) 944-2837.


With more than 30 years in the business, A/C Folding Gates is the established national leader in folding gate manufacturing. With our experience, we can design a folding gate to fit almost any industrial or commercial application where security is needed. If you need a high quality durable folding gate at a competitive price, for a storefront window or warehouse application, you are in the right place.

Quality & Price

Our exclusive construction methods are clearly superior to the other folding gates in the market. But better does not mean more expensive. Our manufacturing methods and specialized tooling allow us to build a superior quality folding gate at a great price. For about the same price as a lower quality accordion gate, you can have an A/C Folding Gate that will operate smoothly and look good for decades to come.

Custom Manufactured For Storefronts

Our Max-Guard heavy duty security folding gates are custom manufactured to fit your exact storefront ergonomics. You don’t need to modify your storefront to fit a standard sized gate. Our gates are custom made to fit any storefront with any size window. Our installers can assist you with the layout and features needed to make a custom collapsible gate fit and operate perfectly. Then they will install it at your location with minimal disruption to your business. See our “Max Guard Gates” page for more information.

Warehouse Gates in Stock

The most popular sizes of our EasyGlide Trackless warehouse folding gates are usually in stock. Our custom made Max-Guard storefront folding gates usually ship within 7 working days from order date. Each storefront scissor gate is manufactured specifically to your storefront window size and ergonomics. NOTE: Manufacturing lead times vary based on workload, please ask for exact lead time when ordering.

Shipping Confidence

To help ensure your gate arrives undamaged, AC Folding Gates are carefully packaged to protect them during transit.  Sometimes trucks load and unload our gates with forklifts due to the weight of our heavy duty gates construction on larger gates. All AC Folding Gates are individually wrapped and packed with extra protection for forklift handling. 

We build them right and ship them right, every time, for fast and easy installation. With AC Gates your scissor gate will arrive in good shape, ready to install.